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The London Book Trades: - a biographical and documentary resource

Presented by the Centre for the Study of the Book at the Bodleian Library on behalf of The Bibliographical Society and The Oxford Bibliographical Society.

The London Book Trades project is being built from a database designed to contain biographical information on printers, booksellers, bookbinders, stationers, and those in associated trades who worked in and around London from the introduction of printing into England until about the year 1830. There are currently entries for something over thirty thousand individuals, about two thirds of whom have been derived from the archives of the Stationers' Company.

For the Stationers' Company, the City Livery Company principally concerned with these matters, we are attempting to be comprehensive - including all its members, whether they subsequently worked in the book trade or not - in London or not; and all the apprentices bound at the Hall, even if there is no subsequent record of their freedom. Individuals whom we know to have been made free of the Stationers' Company are indicated with an image of the Company's arms at the head of their entry. The Company have supported the project since its inception.

In the database each individual was allocated a unique five digit number [e.g. LBT/01234] and these numbers have been retained. If you know the number of the person in whom you are interested simple enter the number into search and you can move directly to the main page for that person. If you enter a surname into search you will be presented with a variety of possibilities which should lead you to the person concerned. There is also a complete listing of all the individuals included under each version of their surname encountered in our work in Index - Names.

It should be emphasized that the project will not at any time be regarded as complete, but that it should continue to be a working tool into which further information will be entered.



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